5 steps to a 3D printed model

We accept the following file extensions:

  • stl
  • step/stp
  • obj
  • 3mf
  • igs/iges
  • zip

Select the desired material. You can find out more about our material choices here.

FDM materials:

  • PLA
  • PETG
  • Composiet
  • Metaal

SLA materials:

  • Resin

SLS materials:

  • PA11
  • PA12

Kies de laagdikte van uw 3D print. Hoe fijner de lagen, hoe hoger de kwaliteit. U kunt alleen een printer selecteren die uw materiaal kan printen.

Kies vervolgens een vullingspercentage voor uw print. Hoe hoger de vulling, hoe sterker uw onderdeel zal zijn. SLS en SLA materialen worden altijd volledig dicht geprint.

The standard finish for all our prints is to remove excess powder and support material. If you want a better finish, you will see an overview of which finishes are possible for your chosen material.

You will find more details about all our possible finishing techniques here.

Then simply add the model to your cart. If you want to add another model, the page will automatically reload for you to do so.

Standard delivery time is 7 working days.
Before checkout you’ll have an option to prioritize your order.

Do you have any comments on the model or do you want a specific RAL color, let us know through the form.

Finally, when all items you wish to order are added to the cart, proceed to checkout and place your order.

If you have a VAT number and/or a PO number, please fill them out during checkout.
There is also an optional field for a special billing e-mail. If your company uses a seperate e-mail for billing, please fill this out. Order status updates will still be sent to your personal e-mail address.