How can you make your savings pay off and help shape GS Technology's growth?

GS Technology is growing and growing fast! But growth costs money and that is why our company is partnering with crowdlending platform WinWinner to finance the next steps of growth.

How is GS Technology doing?

More and more companies are seeing the potential of 3D printing, where three-dimensional objects such as plastic or metal are produced layer by layer by high-tech printers. Especially manufacturing companies want to find in 3D printing a more efficient and cheaper way of producing than traditional techniques. We are an Antwerp-based company active in the field of 3D printing. Through a wide range of services, we help other companies achieve their 3D printing goals.

We are on a real growth trajectory. In 2021, this has already resulted in a prestigious award from Unizo: Promising SME of the Year of the Province of Antwerp! Now we are looking for funding to take the next step in our growth trajectory. Specifically, we want to invest in staff and an expansion of the production space. In order to raise a portion of the necessary funding, we appeal to WinWinner.

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Who is WinWinner?

WinWinner is a crowdlending platform that brings together entrepreneurs and investors. The company offers an alternative finance platform recognised by the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority), one of Belgium's financial regulators.

WinWinner exists, on the one hand, to offer entrepreneurs with growth plans a platform where they can make these growth plans and the corresponding need for financing known to the general public. Growth plans require investments, and that is just being an entrepreneur. On the other hand, a lot of people are looking for interesting ways to invest, because leaving money in your savings account nowadays hardly yields any return. Taking inflation into account, you even lose purchasing power by leaving your money on a savings account.

WinWinner thus aims to bring both parties together: entrepreneurs can launch a campaign to raise loans and invest in their growth plans, while investors get a return on the loans they grant.

Through our campaign at WinWinner, we want to raise a minimum of €100,000 and a maximum of €250,000. As mentioned before, we want to invest this in personnel and new 3D printers.

Investing in GS Technology's WinWinner campaign is possible from as little as 500 euros. You can choose from 2 different loan types: the WinWinner loan and the crowd loan (standardised subordinated loan).

Read more on the page of WinWinner!

Attention: Investing entails risks. As an investor, you run the risk of losing all or part of the invested amount in case of impossibility to repay. Through a combination of the crowd loan and the win-win loan (both subordinated loans) we want to raise a maximum of €250,000.

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