Loop 3D– Van zware industrie tot onderwijs

LOOP 3D is een 3D Printer merk van industriële kwaliteit. LOOP Pro X 3D Printer is een ideale combinatie van ingenieurs, technici en ontwikkelaars die door de jaren heen enorm veel ervaring hebben opgedaan in verschillende traditionele en additieve productietechnieken.

The team has designed a solution that combines customers' market needs with their innovative engineering experience. LOOP 3D aims to provide a complete solution that is adopted by heavy industry, automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, defence, and education.

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Loop Pro X

The LOOP PRO X 3D printer is built for industrial applications and is compatible with high-end composite materials. LOOP 3D believes in the freedom of using different materials to open limitless 3D printing applications with Expert Mode in the software. Cloud-based software helps run complex projects, track a machine’s life cycle, and remotely manage a fleet of machines. It is crucial to offer and develop remote solutions that will support uninterrupted planning and manufacturing processes in the current situation. LOOP 3D provides a reliable tool that both professionals and new users can use. LOOP PRO X is also prepared for remote support with integrated, modular LOOP CORE and CONNECT boxes easily removed for tech service.

With Fleet Management, customers can manage and monitor all LOOP PRO X printers at the factory from a single workstation and add or remove access for employees and define how many print jobs can be done per single user. The Filament is placed and fed from inside the material conditioning unit at the front of the machine, so it is easy to put a fleet of LOOP PRO printers right next to one another. This solution saves space compared to devices that use spools mounted to the side of the machine or the back of the printer.

Spare Parts

Loop 3D Core

It holds the controller board and motor drivers of LOOP PRO X 3D Printer inside. From heating to cooling, from positioning to filament extrusion, every movement is controlled by this box.

Loop 3D Connect

It is the brain of LOOP PRO X 3D Printer. It holds a micro-computer inside. This box provides the cloud connection, UI, and touch screen controls.

Calibration Check Tool

It enables checking build plate calibration with high precision and minimal effort. Swap it with the modular printhead, and you are ready to test and set build plate calibration with a slight adjustment to the calibration screws.


Loop 3D Printhead

It is quickly replaceable, easy to maintain, and suitable for the Calibration Check Tool that can be swapped with it and used to check platform dimensional accuracy.

Loop 3D Extruder

It is the part that is responsible for pushing the filament to the printhead with high precision and a superior strength.

HEPA-Carbon Filter

Built-in carbon filter gets rid of unpleasant odours released during the 3D printing process.

Flexibel Built Plate

Get consistent results with magnetic spring steel film to firmly embed the model on the surface and remove it fast when the job is done.



DYNAMIDE® is the brand of fiber reinforced composite filaments that have excellentmechanical and physical properties. It is not only premium class material, which competes with many well-known materials in the industry, but also it is cost-effective. That makes DYNAMIDE® materials unique in the market. Materials are suitable for end-use parts and low volume manufacturing.


It is suitable for printing end-use parts, functional prototypes as well as low volume production in application areas that require robustness and thermal resistance.


It is suitable for printing end-use parts, functional prototypes as well as low volume production in application areas that require lightness as well as high strength and exceptional thermal resistance.





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