Product development

From the idea to the finished product

In addition to our extensive experience in manufacturing, we have also been active in the field of product development for several years. You can contact us to develop a certain idea into a fully-fledged end product or for a redesign of an existing product. Having an idea is one thing. Designing, drawing out and producing it completely is ours.

Idea and concept development

Having an idea is one thing. Carrying out designing it completely and making it ready for production is our speciality.

Design optimisation

With the right design, you can make anything.

Product presentation

We ensure that the product can be presented to your clients in a unique way.

Different mindset compared to conventional processes

Product development through AM, and therefore design for manufacturing, requires a different approach to take advantage of all the possibilities. With many years of experience designing and delivering successful design projects, we understand when to use additive manufacturing and when not to. We can design for both traditional processes and 3D printing, always encouraging projects to maximise the potential in both.

Developed cases

We have the knowledge and ability to prepare everything for production ourselves. Depending on the choice of materials and the number of products, we can look for the optimal production technology.

Custom-designed mounting frame

We have a custom-designed mounting frame for attaching LED panels to a wall, and this was completely designed and made ready for production by us. The production is carried out by an external production partner.

From 3D print to custom component

A cockpit without an aircraft nose just didn’t look as good as the final result we created. By 3D-scanning of the cockpit, we obtained a three-dimensional image of the size of the existing cockpit, and we then created a composite nose with a perfect fit by using a 3D-printed mould.

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