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Discover our Additive Production Centre

We have invested in our production capabilities to ensure that we can deliver products to exceptional standards. We are a jack-of-all-trades with a common thread: additive manufacturing methods. Our 3D printers are also used as tooling for composite processing, moulds for casting resins,...

Additive manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the process of making objects from 3D-model data, and these objects are built up layer by layer. This process is also known as 3D-printing


We are also involved in the processing of fibre-reinforced plastics. We are also the right address for production in Carbon, Glass Fibre and Kevlar.

Resin & Casting

By casting resins or liquid metals into a desired shape, we obtain component made from plastic, PU rubber, metal, etc., in any form whatsoever.

What is 3D-printing and Additive Manufacturing?

These two terms are often seen as synonymous. The difference between these two terms lies in the way these technologies are used or the ultimate purpose for which they are used. 3D printing is used for small-scale productions such as prototypes and gadgets. Additive Manufacturing, on the other hand, is more focused on an industrial scale of production, on functional production or larger series productions,...

GS-Technology offers both printing techniques. For a detailed explanation of AM, please take a look at 'Additive Manufacturing'.

Developed cases

We bring tangible benefits to bear on this technology. Below are a number of detailed test cases with text and explanation with which we have already been able to demonstrate the added value of AM.

Composite aircraft nose cone for a simulator

A cockpit without an aircraft nose just didn’t look as good as the final result we created. By 3D-scanning of the cockpit, we obtained a three-dimensional image of the size of the existing cockpit, and we then created a composite nose with a perfect fit by using a 3D-printed mould.

3D printed model for a product presentation

A customer found it difficult to display the entire on-site set-up for a trade fair presentation. A 3D-printed model made it possible to exhibit their project at trade fairs, and gave a very good impression of what the customer had achieved.

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