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Learn more about the solutions offered and find out which one is perfect for you. The Lisa PRO 3D printer revolutionized SLS technology and became the first compact and most affordable printer in that segment. Lisa X is the heart of the Sinterit SLS 3D printing solution and is the most advanced and accessible compact SLS 3D printer. Meanwhile, the range has been expanded with the PHS and Nils 480. With this new printer, SLS printing has evolved both in volume and speed. As an official partner in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (Benelux), we provide a path to installing your Sinterit machine, offer support for design optimizations and maintenance support.

Sinterit Industrial Series (SLS)

Sinterit NILS 480

Industrial laser sintering with reinvented productivity provides the best ROI in the SLS technology market.

NILS 480 makes a big difference when it comes to build size. With the 200x200x330 print bed, you can 3D print the following:

  • Housings of most electronic devices
  • Automotive prototypes such as air filter housing, lamp or rocker arm
  • Low volume productie

Optimal packaging of print-outs will be ensured by the unique solution: Auto Nesting built into Sinterit Studio.

Currently the Sinterit SLS solution is not yet available, but be sure to keep an eye on our socials, we will be the first to install this printer at GS Technology. Be sure to watch the video for a detailed description.

Sinterit Industrial SLS 3D printer- Nils 480 - with technician

Sinterit Compact series (SLS)

Lisa X

Whether you are working on new products or research projects, how fast you can print parts is important. If you can print most elements within 24 hours, you can innovate faster. Instead of waiting for the results of printing, you can then concentrate on what's important - checking your ideas faster, reinventing them and achieving the results you expect.

Until now, really fast SLS printing was only available in large industrial machines. As a result, Sinterit sought a solution to bring speed to more 3D printing professionals using compact printers.

That is why they have equipped the Lisa X with the powerful laser (30W) and galvo scanner, allowing it to achieve revolutionary industrial speed without sacrificing high-end quality prints.

This makes the Lisa X the most advanced and cost efficient Sinterit SLS solution currently on the market.

Lisa Pro

The Lisa PRO was designed by innovation-driven engineers to help other innovators make a real impact. It allows you to work on end-quality printing and testing, explore research methods, and quickly validate new ideas.


The Lisa package includes the system that provides everything you need to begin your printing adventure. With the Lisa, you have a great starter package to get acquainted with SLS.

Sinterit SLS Peripherals

Powder Handeling Station

This is a support device designed as Sinterit SLS solution to make post-processing and powder recovery as clean as possible.

Thanks to the Powder Handling Station, removing the hardened object from a powder block is a piece of cake.

Atex Vacuum Cleaner

A perfect solution for efficient collection and cleaning of unsintered powder. The compact size of the unit together with its high collection capacity is crucial if you have limited space. Together with the cyclone powder separator, it will make your workflow much faster and easier.

Sinterit Dedicated Powder Tools

SLS Powder tools

This comprehensive set of powder tools saves you time and powder, while keeping your workspace neat and tidy. Now your on-print preparation can go twice as fast.

Powder Sieve

As with baking, good cooks recommend sifting the flour - we recommend that the powder should be smooth, without lumps. This will undoubtedly influence the quality of the print. When all the layers are even, every detail will be rendered and the surface will be perfectly smooth.

De zandstraalcabine van Sinterit, de Sandblaster SLS

Sandblaster SLS

The sandblaster uses compressed air and small glass beads to rid the SLS prints of powder residue, to emphasise every detail, to polish the print surface and to enable better operation of moving parts - clean and safe.                                            

De basis zandstraler van Sinterit, met een kleine werkgebied t.o.v. de Sandblaster SLS van Sinterit

Sandblaster Basic

The Sandblaster is designed for cleaning, polishing and finishing prints using dry sanding material. With a little compressed air and small glass balls (sanding material), you can use the Sandblaster to penetrate into all the corners of your model and accentuate every detail.

Sinterit sets & pakketten

Sinterit SLS poeders

Standaard prototyping


PA12 Smooth

PA12 Smooth is a cost-effective nylon 12 powder. Perfect for detailed objects and general prototypes with excellent surface resolution.

PA12 Industrial

The flagship PA12 Industrial is a robust nylon 12-powder. Perfect for strong objects and end-use subs with excellent surface resolution.

PA11 Onyx

Sinterit PA11 Onyx Fresh Powder

With this Polyamide 11, you can create functional elements with an extended service life and high mechanical and impact resistance.

PA11 CF (Carbon Fiber)

One of the strongest and most versatile materials on the powder market, especially for SLS printing technology.

Special applications

PA11 ESD and PP offer new opportunities for applications in the electronics, automotive and chemical sectors.

Propylene (PP)

Sinterit PP / Polypropylene

Flexible plastics

Elastic TPU material for general purpose prototyping. Wherever you need flexibility with high mechanical properties, use one of Sinterit's rubber materials.

Flexa Performance

Sinterit Flexa Performance

Flexa Black

Flexa Soft

Sinterit Flexa Soft

Flexa Bright

Sinterit Flex Bright

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