Stacker - Groot, groter, grootst!

STACKER Industrial Grade 3D Printers are built specifically to take ideas from prototype to production. Our Industrial Grade 3D printers are designed and priced for small businesses, tech labs, colleges, busy offices, maker spaces, print/prototype shops, manufacturing companies, and most other types of businesses. Our printers offer fast, reliable and affordable 3D printing.

Stacker S2

The S2 printer has a huge build volume and independently controlled print heads. The S2 is specially designed for printing two materials, especially soluble support. The S2 can also be used to produce two identical parts simultaneously. All these features make the S2 the most versatile printer we offer. The S2 is a true industrial machine, built to give years of service.

Stacker S4-XL
Industrial Grade

Why limit your production with a small print bed? The Stacker S4-XL uses closed-loop servo motors to drive your creations within a 24-cubic-inch build area.

Like the S4 Industrial Grade, this device has four print heads. It integrates four Combo Drive Extruders (printing in Bowden and Direct Drive configuration) The printer works with precise linear motion and works with almost any filament.

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